Hype regarding iMAT Mobile’s first event

If you guys didn’t know by now, I am a member of iMAT Mobile. It’s a non-profit organization whose goal is to bring children closer to modern technology and, hopefully, encourage them to pursue careers related to it. It’s a big thing for me since I am a huge believer in tech, and as such, I really want more children to be involved in it. They are our future. They are the backbone of our society… They will continue building on the fundaments we set up for them. That’s why it is of utter importance that we get as many children as we can into the industry. After all, it’s better for our kids to be involved in high-tech businesses, than some immigrants from God knows where. I don’t have anything against immigrants, I am just saying that I would prefer my kid to be successful than someone else’s.

With that out of the way, I would now like to express my hype regarding the first event. If you don’t know, it is going to be held in Orlando 2 weeks from now. More precisely, it starts at 6 pm at Venue 578. If there are any Orlandoans reading this, feel free to join us for the spectacle. I have some inside secrets to share with you guys. iMAT Mobile’s website states that there will be prizes given out to attendees at the end of the presentations. While the second prize is known and stated(Samsung’s Gear VR), the first one isn’t. It only says that they will give out 2 drones, without specifying which ones. Well, I got some news for you guys… Believe it or not, if you come to our event in Orlando you might just end up winning the Traxxas Aton. It’s an amazing drone that you will surely enjoy… if you win it of course. I already tested one of these bad boys out (don’t worry, we bought 3; 2 for the winners and 1 for our own aerial photography purposes) and I gotta say – they are incredible. So incredible that I already bought myself one too, and I am not impatiently waiting for it to arrive. It should arrive today so I practically cleared out my entire schedule later on.